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I have owned and run other businesses, but never have I been more satisfied or excited about any business or its products! It’s been life-changing! I experienced our Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap) for the first time at a friend’s house. I had pretty incredible measurable results after 45 minutes and even more within 72 hours! The wrap toned, tightened and firmed my skin – my largest organ! Needless to say, the light bulb came on & I immediately saw what a great business model existed with this product! Why? It’s excluively ours! It's an instant-gratification that works incredibly well, is wanted by almost everyone who hears about it, plus it’s good for anyone who puts it on their body! I needed a business & an income! I had been dealing with a serious spine injury that had kept me out of the work force for almost three years, so I signed up and within months became a Diamond Distributor with this great company and am currently at the Double Diamond level. I am what we call, ALL IN! It’s been full speed ahead and will be full speed ahead as long as it takes to fulfill my dreams! Yes, I have dreams and I mean to live them! I also have dreams for my family and also for my team! What came unexpectedly was the incredible fulfillment I have gotten from mentoring my team and seeing their growth and life-changing effects of this business and these products! Personal growth is an encouraged and important part of our business and I find myself being stretched in so many positive ways. You can’t become a great leader without first becoming a good follower and I’m grateful for great leaders & mentors to follow! I’m grateful for the care that is put into making sure that what the label says is in our products, is actually IN our products and that we grow our own ingredients on our own organic farms to protect their quality. I’m grateful for the fact that owners, Mark & Cindy Pentecost and Pam Sowder, for the last ten years have built a solid debt-free foundation so all of us can feel secure that this company will be around for a long time! I’m just getting started! I want to help those on my team who also want to get to Diamond and beyond! I’d love it if you’d join us! Financial Freedom, Fun, Friendships and Fulfillment are all are here for the taking! It’s up to you! Jon me on social Media:

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